The Crew

we've got it covered

How long have The Crew been together?

The Crew have been working together for 20 years, and have established themselves as one of the top duos in the area

Are The Crew properly insured?

The Crew has AVIVA Public Liability insurance with a £5M indemnity

Is the electrical equipment tested?

All electrical equipment is regularly maintained and certified to ensure safety (yours and ours!). All electrical equipment is fully PAT tested

What electrical power do they need?

Two separate twin 13 amp sockets on a 32 amp ring main (this is standard configuration for most buildings) is the minimum requirement to power both the lights and the power amplifiers

How big does the stage need to be?

6 metres wide, 3 metres deep. We are adept at fitting into available spaces but PLEASE remember there are two of us with drums, amplifiers, guitars and microphone stands

What sort of music will they play?

The Crew are one of the most versatile duos in the area, and will provide a wide range of music from great artistes such as E.L.O., ABBA, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Animals, The Everly's, The Who and The Eagles.

Do they provide background music?

We have an extensive collection of background/disco music to suit all tastes from big band to the latest releases

How long do they need to set up?

The Crew can be ready to start one hour after arrival